Nature Boy is a song written & composed by eden ahbez. The song was written as a tribute to ahbez’s mentor in an autobiographical tone.

In this Bildebook presentation we retell the story as an interaction between two children. We see the wonders of the world through the eyes of the ten year old child who sings about it, and the knowledge she gets from the boy, about whom she sings.

The Bildebook presentation brings out the enchanted feeling of spring, the wonders of the world – land and sea, the enchanted voices of the inhabitants of the world, the birds and trees, the feelings of friendship, camaraderie, and love, as seen through the eyes and felt through the heart of a child.

The book is a perfect introduction to a “read along” with younger children and also an independent read for children who are able to read sentences. As for adults, don’t you reminisce about going back to that age when life was so much simpler?



Composition – eden ahbez
Music Arrangement – Tom Wasinger
Vocals – Aditi Vadakkepat (recorded at bodhimuzzik)
Illustrations – Anitha Balachandran
Book design – Seechange

Produced by punchdialog studios