Bildebook is an application for iPad, available on the App Store. It is an application to experience digital pop-up books, but works equally well for traditional flat content also. The app has a Store where you can get books or cards. In addition, the app has an enhancement called Cutout that allows anyone to explore her or his creative talents and build pop-up books or cards and share them with friends. Cutout is an enhancement focused on professional content creators, including but not limited to authors, illustrators, and artists but is built with ease of use in mind, and therefore allows anyone who can use an iPad to become that content creator.


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So, why and how did we create this app?

punchdialog studios was created to enable people to use technology for their creative pursuits. While thinking of many ideas, it struck Sashi, the founder, that his nine year old daughter should have easy access to the same kind of pop-up books that he had access to when he was her age. Immediately, he started visualizing the app in his head and started coding. A year later, a lot of listening to Floyd and van Halen, McLaughlin and Mancini, punchdialog studios  has built a product that gets the approval of Sashi’s now ten year old daughter.

Why the name Bildebook?

When we created the product we envisaged this as a tool for children to build their own books. Unlike a normal flat book, it’s not just writing or drawing, but there’s the pop-up element that requires one to think in a multidimensional manner. So, we were looking for a name that would highlight the “build a book” aspect. It so happened that Bildebok (IPA: /bɪldəbʊk/) meant picture book in Norwegian, and it just suited the product really well. When we stumbled on this name, we felt like we were looking for a needle in a haystack and instead found a large box filled with chocolate doughnuts! But then we realized that English is a funny language, and we did not want to add to the complexities faced by a six year old learning pronunciation, and decided to keep it simple and added the extra ‘o’ to make it Bildebook.

What is Nature Boy?

Nature Boy is a book on Bildebook that will be available in the Bildebook Store after you download the product. You can get more information on the book at the Nature Boy page .

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