punchdialog studios Pvt Ltd cares about your privacy and associated rights. This document seeks to explain our data collection and usage practices. By using any of our applications or our website, you agree with this privacy policy.

  1. General Information

Our applications (“Apps”), website (“Website”) are maintained and controlled by punchdialog studios Pvt Ltd, No 6 Waterworks Ave, Aspiran Gardens, Kilpauk, Chennai, 600010 (“PD”).

  1. Information about you that we receive

We receive information about you through the channel that you access our services through, such as our website (“Website”), or a third party store such as the application stores (“Store”), or through your use of any of our applications and any services we may use, including any web or mobile data  services (“Data Service”).

While you access our services through any of the above channels, we may use cookies and/or other technology to identify, among others, usage patterns such as the different products from PD that you have accessed and/or downloaded, your device language, location, operating system. We do not have any control on the information collected by Stores, nor the information provided to PD by them.

  1. Use of information collected

We use the information collected to tailor our services to you and other customers, including and not limited to, prioritising any language platforms, prioritising technical updates, improving your experience with our products, to comply with any legal obligations that PD may have and to provide access to our products that you have purchased. The Website and/or App may also use cookies to track page and product visits and other related information through Data Service. The Website and/or App may also allow you to share, like, tweet, and perform other functions using social networking platforms such as Facebook or Twitter.

  1. Disclosure of information

We do not disclose any information gathered from you, to any third party, except as required by law or our agreement with Stores whose privacy policies you have accepted, or as explicitly permitted by you. However, the information gathered may be available to employees and contractors of the company as well as designated service providers, partners and associate companies. The information may also be used to ensure protection of the intellectual property and other property or assets of PD, our partners, content developers and others, and this may include exchange of information related to fraud protection etc. PD may also from time to time provide aggregate information, that is not personally identifiable, to third parties.

  1. Children

We do not knowingly collect personal information from persons under the age of 18. Any personal information that has been collected from children or persons under the age of 18 will be deleted once it is brought to our notice.

  1. Security of your data

We have both digital and human security policies in place to handle the security of your personal information.

  1. Contacting us

Any concerns regarding your personal information can be emailed to us at privacy@punchdialog.com or by mail to: Privacy Administration, punchdialog studios Pvt Ltd, No 6 Waterworks Ave, Aspiran Gardens, Kilpauk, Chennai, India 600010